About JBean Photography

Jana Correia is a passionately skilled photographer. Jana thrives with her creativity, specializing in real estate, maternity, newborn, family, wedding, event and product image photography. Providing lasting memories for those special moments in life, Jana succeeds expectations with economical pricing, a personalized experience and photographic art.

Jana began her career as a freelance photographer in 2005, shortly after graduating from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL with her Associates Degree of Science. It was there that she received a wide variety of experience in several aspects of photography, including videography, cinematography, and overall film production. That education and experience opened her eyes to her true passion for photography, and provided her with the confidence to work both in a studio as well as on location.

Many photographers specialize in either studio photography or location photography. Jana specializes in both. She is able to use the controlled environment of the studio to provide classic memories or product imagery. Jana also loves to get outside and create one-of-a-kind moments as well as capture lifetime moments.

In addition to her skills with the camera, Jana is also extremely skilled in the editing phase of each image. As part of her education, Jana was introduced and trained in the editing systems used by professionals to correct each image and create the special effects that are currently in high demand due to the fact that they turn ordinary photos into pieces of art.

Jana still operates as a freelance photographer to this day, out of preference. She does this because it allows her to keep a more personal relationship with her clients, provide low-cost services, and operate her own creativity. She considers every new client a new relationship and an exciting new experience! This, is JBean Photography.

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