Choosing a Fox Valley Wedding Photographer

Fox River - St. Charles ILFinding a good wedding photographer in the Fox Valley can be quite a challenge. The Fox Valley offers up beautiful venues such as picturesque churches, riverside buildings, and great outdoor venues as well. But what about picking the perfect wedding photographer?

Do you go with someone from the city? Do you settle just using a friend with a nice camera? Of course not! You need a professional Fox Valley wedding photographer.

So what type of guideline do you use when picking a local photographer for your big day?

The list below should help act as a guide for you when considering what Fox Valley photographer to go with.

#1 Check the Portfolio

Though it may sound obvious there are quite a few couples out there who just pick a photographer purely based on price or referral. But what about the pictures? Sure, anyone can “take a picture” but a true professional photographer should be able to demonstrate their past work. What do you think of their photos? Do you notice any artistic styles in their editing or lighting? Do you think they will make a good fit for your big day?

Making sure you check out the photographer’s portfolio should be step #1 in any couple’s list when considering a Fox Valley wedding photographer. Also remember that you can always ask the photographer if they have additional work not displayed online. An example might be some type of special edit, like a black and white photo or one with a certain lighting effect.

#2 Digital Photos

We live in the digital age! Why do so many photographers push the purchase of prints so hard? Another good thing to consider is what the photographers “digital rights” are like. JBean Photography, for example, provides all clients their photos on a disc. This way you can purchase your own prints, share your wedding photos socially, post them as needed, and store them on your computer. If you actually want to “own” your photos you may want to ask any prospect photographer what their digital rights are like so you know that you actually “own” the pictures.

#3 Budget Matters

There is too cheap to be true, so expensive it is outrageous, and then just the right spot. Be realistic and reasonable when considering the budget for your wedding photographer. You only get one “shot” at getting it right (most of the time) and budget alone should never dictate your decision. Even when trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum the other points here should be considered. Remember that the time the photographer has to put in goes way beyond just taking photos on the big day. Remember all the editing, time, and talent that needs to go into the pictures as well.

We hope you found this list of tips helpful for when you consider choosing a photographer in the Fox Valley.
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